December 22nd, 2005


Trek: Minus 44 Days

Trek - 44 Days

I will meeting up with Bill today to start to plan the route for my trek in the Khumbu in February.

Having called home to Mum and Dads to pick up some christmas parcels and my airline tickets I got home in time to watch most of Touching the Void on More 4 last night - I have seen the film about four times now and it still holds my interest and leaves me awestruck at Joe and Simons exploits on the Sula Grande - I began to think of all the things over the years that have inspired me and led up to me doing this trek. Sadly I couldn't watch all the film as I really need to catch up on lost sleep - but I went to bed with images of Mountains, chimneys, overhangs, sparkling snow and the bitter cold on my mind.

Sharon took me to see the film for my Birthday in January 2004. It had a massive impact on me as I felt it be one of the best films that I had ever seen. I had never seen a mountaineering film other than Seven Years in Tibet - but that too made a huge impact on me. It was the scenery in the mountains and the sheer scale that affected me.

My airline tickets to Nepal are now sitting on my bookshelf next to my passport Jamie Mcuinness guide and glacier goggles.

News In short:

Need to sort boots asap - need to break 'em in and train like feck.
Achillies playing up through lack of training need to get back to the gym 5/6 times a week.
Apparently Christmas is happening soon…
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