February 7th, 2005


Week Two of Ten

An absolutely rotten day at work.

Digging holes and then filling them in would be more productive and rewarding - and at least I'd get to keep fit !

I don't know what to do about work - it doesn't satisfy me any level other than providing a paycheck - and I find myself becoming more and more stressed and disatissfied with it. Of course the temporary measure is to find another posting within Government Towers - but frankly it will not resolve the long term issues.

Issue: Can I stick out 40 years service?
Consideration: Only 26 years to go.
Background: It sucks and it's not likely to improve.
Recomendation: have a nice cup of tea !

Is this a sensible way to live your life...... after all you only get 20 years for murder ! and they'd probably have good gym facilities.....

Fencing was good tonight - turned up 30 mins early to fit in some Epee practice with Robert. He's not bad - but poor point control and distance are issues. Was able to gain several points with deep attacks to the chest, multiple hits to the top sword arm and he stuck his wrist/palm at me a couple of times so it seemed rude not to take the hit.

We are runniong short of some kit so will try and do an order ahead of next weeks session.

The new pupils seemed really keen - They looked tired so thats a good sign. Had them prodding each other this week - which they really seemed to enjoy. Stayed for a couple of Cokes.

Got home at 10:35 - ate by 11:15 - pottered around until about 11:40 - got ready for bed - read a bit more of Harry Potter and the Tome of Interminability.

Lights out at 12:06 (in more ways than one).
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