February 3rd, 2005


New Shiney Kit....well black and grey and silver !

I headed off to Twickenham this morning to check out Duelist.

While you couldtell that it wasn't as big an operation as Leon Pauls I was very impressed by their set up and by the quality of their kit- maybe just a bit less rugged than Pauls but comparible to Allstars. Was very impressed with some of their ucoming products - and wish I had waited to get my coaches plastron ! Their prices are very competative but it was the outstanding service and tone that was A+.

I'm not the only person who has used Paul who has noticed that they have a bit of a 'tude on occaisons...it's only when you mention that you spent £2,500 there last month that they suddenly seem interested to serve, and thats a little sad, because the Paul's themselves have been smashing when I've met them.

The long and the short of it is I got my new Duelists bag and I'm very happy at £45 it was much less thasn I was expecting and crammed with lots of great features - guess only time will tell how rugged and durable it is.

and so I headed back into London. And that was when something curious happened.........