January 31st, 2005


Course 2 of 3, week 1 of 10.....the pointy end goes furtherst away ....


Utterly $hite day at work busy as hell - and quite stressful. Not too bothered though as I have deffinately got Thursday and Friady off work - will probably use it as flexi leave. Plan to train on Thursday and have a bit of a spring clean/DIY/finance/personal buisness washup/shopping day type thang.

Tonight was the first night of the second fencing course.

Having gone through the first course I made a few minor changes to the schedule and planning. Robert had very kindly arranged to wash all the kit - and I had sorted out huge bags for the scoring apperatus , masks and jackets, also sorted out hangers for everyone's kit. Each pupil has their own kit on their own hanger for the duration of the course which should greatly reduce the farting around period before training each week.

The course went very smoothly, all the students seemed very personable. Good mix of civil service grades too, EOs up to a Grade 6 Lawyer - and all but one came up to the bar for a drink afterwards. They all caught on pretty quick en guarde possition a bit wobbly but grips by and large very good. We steamed (sorry for the pun) through the week one programme which I struggled to get through with the newbies on the first course. Very interested to see how one of the guys develops, he's familiar with swords having done Iaido for over three years in Japan - he seems genuinely fascinated by european fencing and I suspect may realy enjoy the freedom that European Fencing offers over it's Japanese Forms.

After 9 years my trusty Duelist bag has given up the ghost - the zip completely disintergrated - so will now have to source a new one PDQ as I'm out of the office Thurs Fri - and I will need my kit at the weekend. Nott sure whether to try a Pauls bag this time round.
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