January 30th, 2005


Weekend has flown by....

Went Fencing this morning, my first week back at my regular club. Showed my coach the Newsletter and literature that I prepared for the SPARTA Fencing club - he seemed most impressed - which was realy encouraging.

My fencing wasn't on form at all at first, my opponant who has really come on since he started doing competitions just took me to pieces.... It was very frustrating - his point control and timing were perfectand my distance was shot to pieces and I kept leaning into his disengage attacks and parrying weakly. Exactly what I had been moaning at my own pupils for doing last week !

Took a break and was asking himabout his traingin methods and techniques...got my breath and as soon as we got back to it - first to 10 - I beat him 10 - 7. Was a bit embarrassed but pleased to have won again.

Traffic dreadful - went by alternative route and dropped my coach in Croydon.

Called into to see my Grandparents.

Got home packed my rucsack and went to the Gym. Cycle warm up - and a short 25 minute cross trainer session. I am going to try and build on the endurance exercise as I'm doing intense cardio sessions and not shifting any weight - in fact have put on weight ! - slow long fat burn exercises are now the order of the day. Booked a weight trainging session for Tuesday evening. Aim to use these to tone up - deffinately not to bulk up. Finished the session with a 35 minute swim.

Went home to see the APs.

Back home messing around on the PC rather than doing housework and tidying the Studio !