January 29th, 2005


So Far so Good....

Well The bath and bottle of vino went down well last night, I managed to read another chapter of "Edge of Blue Heaven".

Unfortunately I dodn't quite get the early nioght as I was chatting online until 1:20 am. Consequently slept until 10 am today.

However, I have sorted out my Road Tax went for the 12 month disc to save having to pay insurance, Service & MOT and Road tax all at one go in the summer.

I managed to find a couple of huge canvas bag at a cheap shop on the parade - so thats sorted the fencing kit storage situation ahead of the new course on monday.

And I have made progress on clearing, tidying and cleaning the house.

Made myself a Lasagne and will try and settle down to dinner iwth the halff bottle of wine and a DVD .... Star Wars or Return of the King ??????

choices choices !

Fencing in the morning ! so aim not to be up in the earlyhours.