January 24th, 2005


“Another glorious day in the Corps, where every meal is a feast and every paycheck is a fortune

....or something like that.

I hate Mondays. But I am determined not to be miserable on this, "Blue Monday" the most miserable Monday of the Year.

After all I've got Fencing (Fight) Club tonight. Week Ten of Ten, the last week of my first introductory course at my own fencing club - Thats an acheivement - just hope that more than three of the buggers show up ! ..... and beers afterwards more than likely !

Doesn't look like I'll catch the Tribe tonight !

Course Completed

Well so much much for maintaining the chirpy mood on Miserable Monday !

Only Two fencers turned up tonight. It took them ages to get their arses into gear aand it was 6:20 before any fencing began. Fencing in pairs with remaining person presiding.

This was the first time I've been fencing since 12 December - and hell was I out of shape !

Very worried about my the quality of my coaching and fencing skills - think I need to sort out a mentor who can maybe help me.
I am so self conscious about teaching bad habbits or sloppy fencing skills.

Was only going to stay for a swift pint - but in the end stayed for three. This meant I didn't get home until after 22:30 and was slightly wobbly !

Found out some stuff which might lead to tension amoung the some of the students personal relationships/ exs etc - could really do without the hassel - I want to teach people how to fence - not have to pussy foot around their sensibilities or have to keep individuals seperated. Very angry and fed up.
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