January 23rd, 2005


I've wasted How Much Time ?.....

Got up at 8:45 with every intention of going to fencing - packed my kit bag - sorted out my water - but made the rash mistake of checking for an e-mail before leaving - as a result I left late.

Classes should start at 10am but didn't leave the house until 9:45 , not too bad but the half an hour journey would mean I'd miss the warm up session. However, I drove 7 minutes into the journey only to hit solid traffic. Persevered for a while then turned round and headed home.

Spent the rest of the morning pottering around until about noon....at which point I realised that I had wasted the equivalent of half the weekend (taking into account my lazy Saturday morning) !

Visited my Grandparents and bumped into my brother and the Aged Parents who were also visiting the Aged P's Aged P's. Aged P's left and tried to sort out dtails of what my brother, his fiancé and I are going to do for mums birthday - for reasons I can't be bothered to recount the outcome is complicated, and very very expensive , and means that she won't get any of the things that she told me she wanted.

Gave up on trying to reason and just agreed to what was proposed - TV digi box and theatre tickets costing the earth.

By the time all the messing around was finished with it was gone 3pm.

Managed to waste most of the rest of the day too (!)

Didn't go swimming either.

Watched a bit of telly.

Won an Ebay auction for a book I shouldn't have afforded myself. (the Making of the Dark Crystal) but I'm thrilled to have got it as Cinefex have never covered the film (not even in a retrospective).

Tried to do some cooking baking a recipe (Gypsy Tart) given to me by a friend - it failed dismally and the results were largely inedible! And proved conclusively that there is absolutely no use for evaporated milk!
Can't even throw the result to the birds, as I fear it might glue them to the lawn !

Had a late meal and watched last Monday's episode of the Tribe with Bruce Parry.

Shuffled piles of clutter around the house and turned in at around 11:40 pm.

Only another five more days of mind numbing pointlessness, before I can do all this again...