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Fencing Sculptor's Diary

The Ramblings of a Reluctant Civil Servant

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday is Tiswas Never-again to miss cos' Saturday is Tiswas day.
...mmmmm I remember the 80's....vaguely ...I think I was supposed to be having fun but spent most of cross country running on cold wet saturday mornings....

Well last week took its toll crawled out of bed at 10:309 finally was up, showered and dressed at around 12 noon. ..not in the best frames of mind today. House is STILL in a state an feeling no motivation to do anything.

Decided to head into Croydon, do something posative and try and find something for my Mother's Birthday next week, while looking for things to fritter my dosh on.

Found nothing that lept out at me. Trawled round a few Garden Centres but couldn't find anything in particular - Mum doesn't want anything big until the new garden layout is sorted - Might be waiting for the next geographic time period to be named before that happens (dinosaurs might have re-eveloved!)

Picked up SFX.

Read some more of The Skeleton Coast " by Benedict Allen

Watched some telly...

Ate Some Stuff...

Surfed a bit...

Watched some more telly...

Went to bed...

Note: have eaten too much Rochford Cheese today !

Crumbs this is exciting isn't it!