January 19th, 2005


Hanging Offence

Just found out that my boss can actually do the Crazy Frog ring tone voice !
Worse still shes sent me a link to a website - the wretched thing has it's own website !

Having had two weeks off over Christmas I am alarmed at the manner in which this vile and accursed Crazy Frog has wormed it's way into my consciousness.

Use of the Crazy Frog should be a hanging offense ! It's not big and it's not clever! Those caught using it should be herded up and disappeared.

The campaign starts here

"Control control you must learn control"

Phew what a day.

Not long back from the gym - a moderate work out in a higher gear the normal today in an attempt to purge the feelings of bad karma which appear to be dogging me this week. To be honest I think it's just perfectly normal January Blues - seems to be affecting everyone at the moment -= at work and at home.

Started with my usual 15 minute (+3m cooldown) bike ride on a random hill setting at level 10. I really went for it and cleared 135 rpm on most of the maximum resistance stretches - covered over
12 km and burned off over 220kcal. This is a fair bit more than my normal warm up routine.

Standard follow up of 30 minutes on the cross trainer. Good cardio work out but by the second session, in reverse mode, I was knackered so didn't get the distance of cal burn off that I did from the first. Also finally got round to booking up a weights session with one of the pre-pubescent personal trainers - I've never done weights - loath even the concept - but recognise that I am going to need to really work on upper body fitness if I'm going to continue with the climbing that I started last year.
I really don't want to bulk out at all, just achieve a really good core fitness level - at 33 yrs of age , 5'11" I would like to get down to 79 kg - while I'm currently fluctuating at between 82-83kg. I'm in much better shape than this time last year but would like to get back to fitness level for stamina and endurance - rather than quick aerobic bursts - I guess the increased fencing isn't helping. My legs are really toned up and in good shape, but the fencing has built up an awful lot of muscle there.

Other stuff :

Locked myself out of the House - younger Bro had to come to rescue !

Started reading "The Skeleton Coast" By Benedict Allen - An account of a Camel Journey through one of the most extreme desert environments.

Went out and made a couple of compulsive 'art book' purchases at lunch time, only to find them over £13 cheaper on Amazon - MUST LEARN SELF CONTROL- suspect that I'll return the books get a refund and do an Amazon order! Over the last few weeks I've been keeping in touch with someone who has just started art classes - she's been asking me for advice on her work but I have explained that as a sculptor my drawing abiltiy is restricted. However most of my family are superb 2D artists and my late Uncle was a professional Military Artist and illustrator - so one of the things that I have decided to do this year is try and improve my drawing. I hope that this will also help me to better understand my sculpture to, as many of the observational skill apply to both art forms.

Got an E-mail from Chrissy who is going to send me a video of Farscape the Peace Keeper Wars ! Yippeeeee !!! more Claudia Black ;)
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