January 17th, 2005


Week Nine of ten and All's well.....

Well one is actually ill, two are on Holiday (in South Africa and Australia), one is briefing an important person on importnat issues (and no he isn't called Sebastian), one had something better to do....

Which left me with only three out of eight students for the penultimate fencing lesson of my first ten week introductory course.

It's been a hell of a lot of work - It took me nearly 5 years to get a recreational Fencing club set up in our Department but as I reach the end of the first intorductory course I really feel as though I've got a great kick out of it.

and Yes , I know that kicking isn't a valid fencing move.

Three of the first eight were already novice fencers and of the other 5 three have confirmed that they will be buying their own kit and continuoing with the sport. Not entirely sure how much of this is down to my new coaching skills, or the fact that beer in the subsidised bar is ridiculously cheep. Lets be generous and say it's a bit of both !

Tonights class involved wiring up two fencers on the box , and giving a lesson the the third fencer, then swapping round every 20 minutes or so. Also took some digital pictures for the Club Newsletter.

Tonight was the first night that we didn't retire to the bar for re-hydration purposes - but I suspect that we should make an extra effort to mark the end of the course - maybe heading round the corner to the Chinese.

Got home minutes before nine so managed to record tonights episode of Bruce Parry's The Tribe. I will watch this tomorrow evening.

Threw a quick meal together. Downloaded the photos of tonights class and e-mailed them to work - some of them are quite good, I will certainly be able to use them for coaching purposes as well as the Newsletter.

Am turning in early-ish to finish off "Between a Rock and a Hard place" by Aron Ralston.