January 15th, 2005


The Son of a Bitch will fly

Well I've just got back from seeing the Aviator. I thoroughly enjoyed it , an absolutely superb film, though my two mates weren't that impressed. Apparently they'd have preferred a film with more action. The film was almost 3 hours long but very good, very engaging....slow to get going but an absorbing film. I have to say DeCaprio and Blanchett were superb. Cate Blanchett WAS katherine Hepburn ! It was amazing ! I don't think it will be around long though...... I'm not sure there's a mass market for it...sadly. The acting deserves oscar nominations - totally believable - but the pacing suffered slightly.

Again given the comments I made about the Right Stuff the other day it was interesting to note the heavy use of CGI for aircraft sequences and panning shots that could not have been achieved without the use of CGI eg POV through props and wing configurations. The fact that you could not possibly compose such a shot in 'real life' renders the final feel of the shot in the film as unreal and obviously false. Just because you 'can ' do something doesn't mean you should ! Some of the effects shots for the Right stuff and from Earth to the Moon felt far more real and they were achieved with models.

I'd far rather be making films than being a civil servant you know….

Before the Film we had a Pizza at ASK - Joe and Matt both made some very useful observations about my Liv Tyler/Arwen sculpture. I will take a long look at it tomorrow after fencing and see if I can turn it around.