January 14th, 2005


We copy you down - You got a bunch of guys about to turn blue - we're breathing again - Over.

Radio telescopes on Earth have confirmed that ESA's Huygens probe has touched down on the surface of Titan.

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has turned its antenna to Earth and will relay the data received from the probe over the next few hours to NASA's Deep Space Network.

It takes one hour and 7 minutes for the signal to travel from Cassini to Earth.
The first data/pictures should come in at around 5.15 pm !

...if pictures are released to the news netwroks I should get a quick peek before heading off to the Raphael exhibition !
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Not a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle in sight !

Very glad that it's finally the end of my first week back after a two-week Christmas break, which culminated in my Birthday last week.

I can't really say it's been good to get back but it's not been too rough either. The week was nicely broken up with the trip to Sevenoaks yesterday.

Went with Sharon to see the Raphael exhibition at the National Gallery this evening.
We came up to London last Saturday only to find that the 'on the Door' tickets had sold out. So we cut our losses and went to the cinema instead. Fortunately I was able to book tickets for Friday (this evening).

It was an absolutely superb exhibition. I was as impressed by some of the small sketches and cartoons as I was by some of the more famous works. One in particular a preparatory pencil/black chalk study for a Madonna and Child painting was absolutely breath taking. A tiny sketch about A5 in size was so exquisite. While the child's head was big and fat in keeping with the period, the Madonna was beautifully drawn in a very contemporary style. Other works included in the exhibition were works by Leonardo De Vinci and Michaelangelo. Between the exhibition tonight and talking to an artist contact on MSN, I am more inspired than ever to focus on my artwork this year - both sculpting and drawing. By doing both I think I will really improve my hand eye co-ordination and my knowledge of anatomy, light shade and texture.

Got home quite late after the exhibition, (at 21:20) so didn't go to the gym today also feeling very tired after a long week. I'll try and go tomorrow morning, providing I'm up and about early enough, as I won't be able to go on Saturday evening as 'the Film Club' is meeting up for Burgers and a screening of the Aviator.