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Should I stay or should I go?

Well at least one of my mates would be v impressed with the title of the latest entry.   "Less Blunt and more Clash and the Who", was his comment last time we spoke…..that and "no self respecting chick will shag you if you listen to James Blunt."

Not so sure about that last point, but I'm up for some empirical research if that helps.

Can't think of a better title myself.

Things in Nepal are not good. Let me qualify that statement, the political situation in certain parts of Nepal is not good at the moment and in the lead up to the Elections on 8 February. Violent protests following the arrest of opposition leaders and activists are set against the backdrop of increasingly daring and violent Maoist rebel attacks.

The violence of the last two weeks is subsiding, but the repercussions are rippling outward.

The 60 deaths over the last month, mainly Moaist rebels and security forces and the Military have led to many trekking companies cancelling their organised trips to the Khumbu - dispite the relative calm of the tourist region of Themal in Kathmandu.

The situation:

At present I don't have travel insurance.

The only actual cost incurred to date is the £464 flight to Nepal on 4th Feb.

The insurance industry will cover my trek while The FCO advises against all but essential travel to Nepal.

So if I shell out £80 and the FCO advice is upgraded then I would get my £464 les £50 excess back.

However 'IF'  the FCO advice is upgraded - any travel insurance to Nepal would be invalidated and I would go at my own risk effectively uninsured.

The sad irony is that once out of Kathmandu and high up in the Khumbu, I wouldn't stand almost no chance of running into any trouble other than a severe attack of the 'runs'.

Frankly I'd stand a greater chance of being attacked or blown up here in London….which was nice.

Though getting my dear old Dad to acknowledge this is about as likely as Bin Laden tatooing the Stars and Stripes to his ar$e, buying a George W a big I'm Sorry Card Hallmark and coming out of hiding handing himself over to the nearest burley Marine, or George (I'm a pussy) Galloway retaining a shred of dignity on leaving the Big Brother House.

Should I stay or should I go now?
If I go there will be trouble
and if I stay there will be double
So you gotta' let me know!
Should I stay or should I go

I think the only way ahead is to book the insurance on the basis that the trek will proceed and  should the worst happen and the FCO advice be upgraded , reluctantly cancel the trek and get back what I can from the airfare…..

Trek Minus 13 days and counting ….

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