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Just got in to work this morning at 9:00am - got a message to phone my Mum.

Apparently Granddad has been had another big stroke this morning and has been taken to Hospital - Dad went up to him, when it happened at 8:00am and Mum is on way to the Hospital.

I'm v worried - I was going to tell them I was going to Nepal this week.
It's really weird how things happen - I was waiting for the tram this morning on a really crowded platform at about 7:50am. I saw a bird out of the corner of my eye, turned my head and watched this beautiful kestrel take a small mouse from underneath a bush.

No one else even noticed.

I thought it was an amazing kill to watch, but a sad for the mouse which was probably just got up and was going about it's business and was then dead - and strange how life could change so quickly.

Then I get this news when I arrive at work.
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