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The Bathroom Saga…..and other stuff.

I'm feeling a bit beleaguered this morning.

Bathroom should have been finished Saturday and I should have had yesterday to chill. As it was the plumber couldn’t turn up until 3pm and eventually showed at 3:30! He worked through until 8 pm which prevented me from getting a range of other jobs completed (picking up shower curtain rail etc).

We agreed a 11am start Sunday so I could head over to Homebase first thing (10am) and get the shower curtain rail ......he'd been up until three and turned up at nearly 12 am with a hangover.

He worked through until almost 6pm but still has work to do as he couldn't plumb in the heated towel rail and fix the bath panel (which he made a dog's dinner of fitting in the first place).

It became apparent that the tiller had fitted a tile in the corner of the room too tight which pushed the pipe out of alignment - the plumber tried to force it but simply managed to chip the tile. So last night between 6 - 7 there was much chasing around trying to find out if the Tiller could come back to replace tile release the pipe to enable the plumber to finish and a new tile to be replaced on Tuesday night.....

After leaving a few messages the tiller called back at 11:05 pm last night and agreed to turn up this morning at 7am. He removed the naughty tile...... tonight at 9pm the plumber is going to call back to plumb in the heated towel rail and fix the bath panel before the tiller returns on Tuesday night to put in a new good tile which I had to buy this morning ...even though it was his mistake ...... total bill so far £3,600 and rising.....

I'm never decorating or using a tradesman ever again......

On the plus side the bathroom is looking stunning....I just wish the Stress Pixies would go away so I could enjoy it........

I have brought a TARDIS and two Action Figures in for Bryan today after he’s been waiting over a week to get his mits on it !…but have worked out from his blog that he and Elle had an attempted break in…. sorry to hear it guys (and anyone else at Athenaeum towers) Hope you get made secure again soon !

Still on the theme of Who I notice a new book has been published fun for all the family…and those planning one !

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