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Doctor Who Series 3 Action Figures Waves 1 & 2

Ok well here is the first of three product review Posts for tonight… brought to you in association with 'waiting for the blinkin' plumber to show up…..again'…More on that another time.

So with season three of Doctor Who now aired, Character options have released waves 1 and 2 or their Season Three Action figures.

Character Options picked up the license for the New Series of Doctor Who and started releasing figures static posed figures with very limited articulation and detail. However with each wave of figures released the details, likenesses and articulation and painting have got better and better. Figures such as chip Cassandra and the Sycorax leader regularly fetch in excess of £50 on Evil bay making it one of the best quality and most sought after lines of action figures out there.

There are eight figures in the first two waves of Season Three figures.

1.The Doctor (In Blue Suit red Allstar Chucks and Glasses)
2. Martha Jones
3. Judoon Captain
4. Judoon Trooper
5. Dalek Sec Human Hybrid
6.Dalek Thay ('Damaged'/removed Panels)
7. Lileth the Carionite
8. Novice Hame (Cat Nun…with a gun!)

These will go on general release over the next few weeks. But I was lucky enough to pick seven of the eight from the Entertainer in Wimbledon on Saturday at £7.95 each and Lilith from Toys r Us Croydon yesterday at £6.95.

For collectors out there Lilith is the short packed figure and Dalek Thay is the peg warmer !

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

..and to think I have deprved a kiddie somewhere of his toys....MMMWWWAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!
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