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Fencing Sculptor's Diary

The Ramblings of a Reluctant Civil Servant

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It's the End of the World as we know it....and I feel fine.
Well thats 10 minutes of my lunch time I won't be getting back.

I have just followed the advice of the Intranet and logged on to the Act on Co2 (http://actonco2.direct.gov.uk/carboncalc/html/index.aspx) calculator to see just what sort of environmental damage I’m wreaking.

The result is as follows:

My CO2 result is 6.66 tonnes per year
Your target footprint total is 5.32 tonnes per year

Home Appliances Travel
Your Carbon Footprint 4.83 1.24 0.59
Target Footprint 3.86 0.99 0.47
National Average 2.00 0.68 1.79

Tonnes per year

This is all very well but I want this translated into something that means something to me.

I mean what does 6.66 tons of a gas look like ? How many gas canisters would that fill and is it safe to transport them around in a Merc or leave them parked in London Streets ? …….I’m just asking !

I need these number translated into something that means something…you know…like numbers of Penguins made homeless, how many merecats are miserable because of me ? or X number of Bengal tigers are X days closer to extinction because I prefer to buy books and DVDs rather than fit double glazing….

PS why didn't it offest any of my extensive water saving, composting and recycling measures ?

Oh well...

"It's the End of the World as we know it....and I feel fine"

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I just did that and instantly forgot what my CO2 footprint is. I did notice that my target is about 1 tonne a year less. Maybe a bit more.

I suspect it's rigged; if you were Robinson Crusoe and just had a twig fire as heat and light, with a carbon footprint of 2-3 lbs a year, your target would still be about a ton less.

Feel free to add that URL to whatever mental list you might have of web sites best avoided, especially in the workplace.

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