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Fencing Sculptor's Diary

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I Don't understand !
What exactly are "vanilla DVD releases" in relation to the re-issued DVDs of Classic Doctor Who Episodes.

Old Style DVD Release for Revalation of the Daleks at £17.99 -£20
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New Vanilla style DVD Release for Revalation of the Daleks £8.99 -£9.99
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But why Vanilla for goodness' sake...I don't understand !

I have noticed that the prices of many Classic Who Episodes have come down dramatically .....as evidenced by the 7 I ordered in the recent HMV sale.

I'd buy more to so long as it was clear that they weren't being issued minus the extras or anything else... and to be honest I don't like the new look covers.

I have done a bit of googling and there is an inference that the new designs are just a card slip covers over the old disc....but no confirmation.....

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As far as I know, 'vanilla' means no extras. That's how the new series DVDs are issued until the full season box set comes out. The box set has the extras.

From what it says on the BBC Dr Who website, it's only a half dozen or so titles. They are identical to the previous releases (ie not vanilla) except they have the card sleeves. The idea is to attract kids to buy classic episodes.

Thank you kindly for this.

I think I may have to pick up another couple of titles....

I think I've started collecting something else....oh dear me.

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