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That's proper Irony that is !

A flippin last ....Blair today and gone....well today.......It's been wall to wall coverage today , like we didn't actually know it was coming.....for the last 2 years almost.

Mind you I find I find it funny to think that a man whoose lasting legacy (whether justified or not) is an ill considered and protracted war in the Gulf and Afghanistan is actually going to become a Middle East Peace Envoy.

....I think...but I'm not sure that they all hate hime quite alot.

Grinning Blair has also been banging on about becoming a Catholic for years when leaving office .... Apparently when he met the Pope recently the Pontif had 'frank words' with the inane grinning one....probably based on the fact that the pope wasn't too enamoured with his governments track records on war, abortion and embrionic research.

If he does convert to Catholicism he's probably going to have to do a bazillion Hail Marys or something....

...So bye bye Blair......hello Brown....goodriddence Housing Monster ! The ensuing Machinary of Government changes should be fun.

In other news....coz there was some....

I was out yesterday due to a plumbing emergency - my bathroom has been colapsing around my ears for months and months now.

Of late I've not only had to take shampoo and conditioner into the shower, but also a spanner to turn the flippin taps on and off. Trust me being naked, and tightening and untightening tap spindles, being scolded /frozen (depending on tap) and accidentally dropping said spanner on toes is no fun.

I was hoping to eek the situatiuon out for another few weeks until I can get the bath room repaired but yesterday the taps locked up and wouldn't turn on.....I tired to fix it myself but gave up and called a plumber before I could do any lasting damage. The lad who eventually did the job was the lackey of our family plumber. Replacing the shower unit was a bugger of a job and took him over 3 and a 1/2 hours. £50 materials and £40 labour....outstanding value to be fair given the awkwardness of the job and confind working conditions .... I've asked him to quote on replacing everythiong that's in there at present and replaceing with new modern piping and furniture. Hopefully he'll be more reasonable than the £4,500 quoted 2 years ago and I'll get a new bathroom within the next 4 -6 weeks !!!! yaaaay !

This will be an absolutel blessing in disguise and will actually pspur me on to finish a large number of big jobs around the house...and hopefully make it presentable for August/Septembers Fencing Summer BBQ.

News comming Later:

Before I incured a £90 plumbing bill I splurged on £55 worth of Doctor Who DVDs in the HMV sale and $200 on a M2019 B.R.U Blaster (Deckards gun from Blade runner) ...details to follow...I'm off home now.
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