fencingsculptor (fencingsculptor) wrote,

You can't take the 'Force' from me.

According to my favourite monthly read SFX magazine, Star Wars has been ousted from its position of Best Ever Sci-Fi Film.


However, I'm not entirely sure that that a survey carried out among 3,000 readers of SFX constitutes a sufficiently robust enough evidence base to make such a grand statement.

While undoubtedly a cracking good little movie there is no way in the ‘Verse that I’d acknowledge Serenity as the best ever Sci-Fi Movie.

In fact while I adore all things Star Wars Episode IV , I’m not even sure that Star Wars should hold the title. Most exciting, yes, most influential yes, most popular (probably), most original (probably). But there are other sci-fi films which you could argue on an academic level are better than Star Wars, there are some corkers out there.

I can’t believe that Serenity is one of them !!!

The list of top 10 films is below…and I think you’ll agree it’s a bit subjective (wonder what the age demographic of respondees was?!- soppy list!):

1. Serenity
2. Star Wars (pictured)
3. Blade Runner
4. Planet of the Apes
5. The Matrix
6. Alien
7. Forbidden Planet
8. 2001: A Space Odyssey
9. The Terminator
10. Back to the Future

I see Equilibrium didn’t make the list then… !

Take my love, take my land
Take me where I cannot stand
I don't care, I'm still free
You can't take the sky from me.

Take me out to the black
Tell them I ain't comin' back
Burn the land and boil the sea
You can't take the sky from me.

There's no place I can be
Since I've found Serenity

You can't take the sky from me.
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