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Fencing Sculptor's Diary

The Ramblings of a Reluctant Civil Servant

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Can we Eh Can we ? is it time yet ?
I started to write a carefully thought out post at the weekend on Iran's detention of 15 UK Marines operating under a UN mandate. I wrote it looking at the past Anglo Iranian relationship and the abilty of the UN to show either a spine or balls.

However as time goes by I am becoming increasingly bored with the feckwits.

Diplomacy be hanged, (which is after all what they want to do to our captured marines) can we start bombing Iran yet eh ? can we? eh ? can we ?

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Now now, I don't think we can do it without American help, and you know how reluctant they are to rush into a middle-east conflict.

Yeah, but the Americans just feck it up.....or em up shooting us (or civilians) and then turning around going "wasn't us..wasn't our fault...we weren't even there, blah blah blah....."

We know how to do Proper Desert Warefare.

....C'mon let the SAS go and find the Little Exploding Fatwa Pixies

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