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Must be Thursday - I never Could get the Hang of Thursday's

Quite a long day today, but did manage to fit in visits to Sevenoaks Wildfowl reserved between 8and 9 . and then another session at dusk.

I was hoping to see Kingfisher but not even a glimpse. Still I've not been birdwatching for months and it was nice to get really close up views of regulars like Heron , Teal, Great Crested Grebe and I got within arms reach of a Wren.

Only annoying thing was that in-between arriving at dawn and returning at dusk I must have broken my flask ! - it was fine for my first cuppa in the morning but the darned thing had shattered and leaked all over my kit by evening. Must get one of those all metal ones as a replacement.

The work visit was very informative and felt more enthusiastic about work than I've felt in a long while. But that’s the difference between doing a job which actually involves service delivery and an end product - and us in Government towers just pontificating about how things should be done without ever really having a clue and banging on about efficiency, grant reductions blah blah blah ……

Looking forward to tomorrow evening as I'm off to see the Raphael exhibition at the National Gallery.

Right off to bed to read another chapter of 'Between a Rock and a Hard Place'.

News in Brief :

Good to see the Comet probe Deep Impact spacecraft is en route. Will follow closely.

Huygens is gearing up to land onTitan.

Prince Harry - Clot !

Watched Bruce Parry's "Tribe" filmed in Ethiopia - superb. But that stick fighting looked an awful lot like Sabre fencing !

Watched Celebrity Big Brother for second evening in a row ! I feel like I've sold out !

BBC4 ANOTHER Chuck Yeager related programme on - second night in a row and I missed it.

Bid up TV - WHY ?!

Price Drop TV - NO REALLY, I MEAN IT … WHY ?!!
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