Facebook and LJ irregularities

Both Facebook and LJ are behaving very perculaiarly of late.

I am receiving LJ comments that I can't see.

Journal entries are being imported to facebook when I've disabled the function.

Private LJ entries are visible .....

What the Flip ?.....


I’m feeling really disorientated.
I left work at 3pm yesterday as I had a blinding headache/migraine after yet another day f struggling to achieve anything as the IT system was completely stuffed.

I got home at just after 4pm and feeling quite sick went straight to bed.
I woke up at about 7:30pm feeling like it was the morning.... when I realised it wasn’t I kind of fel asleep again.
Woke again at 9pm happily sans migraine but feeling hungry.

I’ve bunged some rice on and could have some chilli with it...but I don’t really fancy the chilli.
And I don’t really know what to have with it......

Kak-ankles and 'Ready to Deploy' ....but not 'in Theatre' ...

For a few weeks now I’ve been doing medium distance cross country runs of about 3-3.5 miles each Saturday. I’ve been pretty pleased as I was doing the distance carrying 15 kg of water, in combats and high leg army boots, and completing the distance in well under the 45 minutes.
(In 35 minutes since you asked)

My ankles have held up really well with mild aches but no rupturing Achilles Tendons.

Last Thursday I took my running kit to work and did my favourite old run of old.... Victoria to Belgravia, past Chelsea Barracks/Hospital, along the north bank of the Thames , across the Albert bridge, through Battersea park along the south bank of the Thames, past the Buddhist pagoda (Om Mani Padme Hum) back across th river over Chelsea Bridge and back through Chelsea, Belgravia and back to the office - 3 to 4 miles and pretty much one of my favourite runs .

I did the run in trainers with 12kg reams of paper and apart from scraping all the skin off the lumber region of my back, I finished the run just fine.

On Saturday did the cross country route in boots as per, and yesterday I did a short run around St James’ park in trainers carrying the 15kg load.

As far as my general fitness this has been absolutely great as I miss running so much !!
I’m down to 82 /83 kg. For the first time I’m really confident I can pass ANY TA fitness test with ease. Plus I’ve really toned up, and lost about 2 to 3 inches off my waistline – Its quite embarrassing as it means that NONE of my trousers fit me anymore as I can take them off without unbuttoning them.!!!

Probably not the Ready to Deploy the Army had in mind for me. But maybe it’s a neat party trick !

Ankles were feeling iffy yesterday after noon and true enough by the time I got to fencing last night there were numerous points of swelling/micro tears up the length of the left tendon. Today my left ankle is swollen with v obvious tendon ruptures and fookin painful.

It hurts to put any weight on it...... But I’m NOT limping though....that’s just an irregular walking pattern.

Well that’s my story Corporal and I’m sticking to it !

Revenge of the Megapixies

The IT system here in Government Towers is FUBAR today.

Today was ominously titled E-day. A day in which the size of ou e-mail boxes were further limited...

Well dispite delting lots of cr@p I have received an e-mail informing me that I still have too many Megapixes, and my account is frozen.

I suspect that me and 90% of the rest of the office as the whole IT system has ground to a halt as everyone deletes 'stuff'

I hope the Government's information Officer isn't

I wonder what a Megapixie looks like...

They're coming to take me away Ha Ha ! They're coming to take me away Ho Ho

Ah rainy autumn runs ...great stuff:

I figured a watched torrent never downloads, so I kitted up and sodded off.
Usual route.

Only managed to chase one mental squirrel.

I say 'chase' it bounced a few paces away warily while managing to look contemptuously over it's shoulder. Which for a squirrel I thought was quite a feat.


Grazes up my spine are ok as the water bottle loaded day sack sat off 'em, but the blisters across the top of my left foot are all open again. I thought I'd be able to get away without covering them - seemingly not.

I varied the pace of the run today starting quite slow and picking it up on the hills, actually managed a sprint up the last hill to the top of my road - was quite glad I hadn't had anything to eat or drink this morning as I was dry-retching at the end of it. If I'd have had my porridge oats as usual they'd be in the gutter outside.

Gnarly/insane who's to say.

Still I have learned on thing, and that is there's nothing the body can't endure if it's able to listen to Johnny Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra performing "the Desert Chase"......

What's my Motivation....

OK it's 9:15 I should be out running ....instead I'm torrenting. and still tucked up under the duvet.

Should be doing the usual 3.5 km death run, in battle order, with 15kg strapped to my back, but when I did a slightly longer run on tuesday in central London, in running kit instead of boots and combats and reams of photocopy paper instead of water bottles I picked up injuries.

The paper being sharp edged has rubbed raw the entire central part of the lumber area of my back and weirdly, doing the run in my acis running shoes has f'ed up ankles. I have micro-tears along the length of both tendons- they don't hurt any more (though that could be the bottle of red I polished off last night). I suppose my high leg boots would immobilise the tendons and if I keep mostly off road/cross- country I should be ok.

It's just that I don't want to.........